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Meet Sean Brown

Lean about the author and photographer behind the scenes of DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN.

Sean is a nomadic traveler in the prime of his life who seamlessly wanders throughout this tiny planet in search of the unknown, for no other reason but to experience everything life has to offer.

He is most productive at 36,000’ and considers his window seat his office, living room, and bedroom. Sean lives a streamlined, minimalist lifestyle where physical assets mean the least and experiences mean the most.

Sean lives each and every day with purpose, as if it were his last. “I never look back with regret” Sean says, “it’s a vicious hell that is unhealthy and stunts forward motion.”

I view my past as a learning opportunity; a way to make things better, a way to help move me forward.

One day I hope to evolve my career into working around my travel schedule, but that’s sometime away. In the mean time, I’ll keep doing everything I can keep evolving my life and career into my next great adventure.

Growing up

…a long, long time ago in a city far, far away a new earthling was hatched; the name bestowed on to him, Sean Brown.  It was an overly simple name for an overly complicated individual; Sean’s mastery of complex tasks such as eating and breathing at an early age proved that everything was possible.

Fast forward 1,827 diaper changes later and behold, Sean’s first words “light on!”  From an early start Sean’s fascination with technology and the things that make the world function paved the way for expensive birthdays and holidays filled with gizmos and gadgets that always required batteries (not included).

Sean Brown, Palm Beach, FL

Sean Brown, Palm Beach, FL

As it’s evident from Sean’s first words, understanding how things work remained a constant in his life; all of his nifty gadgets and gizmos met their demise with his need to figure out how they worked. Much like Wile E. Coyote and his unrelenting persistence to satisfy his hunger, Sean learned everything he could from the disassembled pile of parts (which used to function).  Through the years of self-education and perfecting the reassembly technique, these gadgets became not only a learning tool, but something he could continue using afterwards.

Sean Brown, Palm Beach, FL

Sean Brown, Palm Beach, FL

Sean, much like the Coyote always analyzed situations, identified the problems and tried his hardest to succeed at everything he did.  Standardized placement testing showed extremely high levels of thinking at an early age and led to gifted/AP classes in grade school.  The lack of challenge in standardized/multi-choice testing left Sean feeling bored and just did what ever it took to find excitement in learning.

Some of Sean’s biggest educational accomplishments were realized not from the “read this chapter and take a test” mentality, but from teachers (public, private and post-secondary) giving him projects which had no structure, no guidelines, no pass or fail, but to identify something he wanted to learn about, research it and produce an end-result showing the reader everything he learned and the miniscule details he found interesting.

The American dream of a wife, 2.5 kids, house with a white picket fence and a dog are replaced with random trips to anywhere, meeting new people everywhere, and seeing things most people will only dream about. People either think I’m crazy or admire what I do; there aren’t many shades of grey here.

Sean entered the IT workforce as the single “IT Guru” in an office filled with 50 people in the days of dial-up internet. While working, he took night classes on various subjects (including computer repair, networking, etc) and excelled at every single one; The ability for Sean to comprehend and understand not only the workings, but the theory/idea behind the technology made classes easy and testing out (well ahead of other class mates) a common occurrence.

His career flourished in the early 2000’s by being recruited to head the IT department of a 700+ person, multi-office engineering company in South Florida.  He was in control of a fast-paced environment where decision-making, project management and effective communications affected hundreds of users across multiple sites.

I work hard and play hard; I strategically plan trips around work, long weekends and PTO. I have created a career full of discipline, productivity and advancement where the sky is the limit (no pun intended).

Location is not everything; my career advancement has allowed me to live in multiple cities and states. With the fluidity in life and passion for exploring, I have been able to excel in my industry by eliminating geographical constraints. I am willing to accept employment anywhere and everywhere domestically and internationally.

Where to next?