Let's spice things up a bit...

Here’s a handful of completely useless facts about Sean Brown, world traveler, blogger and sarcastic genius. I use my Masters degree in blanket fort engineering and double minor in Netflix and nachos to explore planet earth one country at a time.

Christmas [literally] didn’t exist one year

I was flying to Australia the day before Christmas.  While in-flight, I crossed the international date line and landed on December 26th… Christmas didn’t exist 🙁

I am left handed

I fight with stupid right handed things every day. Hell, I can’t even find a left handed icon! The struggle is real.

I Google myself regularly

Apparently, I could be a rapper, A/C repair man or be married to a TV star!?

I’ve never drank alcohol

Nope… Never… Not beer, wine and/or liquor. I choose to keep things on the straight and narrow; Plus, not drinking gives me tons of extra money to spend flying to amazing destinations.

I must understand what makes things happen

I have a strange need to watch shows/documentaries about disasters (structural failures, natural disasters, plane crashes, etc). It’s not from a morbid point of view, but to understand how and why random series of events cascade to cause devastation.

I suck at standardized tests

Being expected to read something, memorize it and answer multiple choice questions isn’t how I learn.

I’m saving to fly to the moon

Hopefully, I’ll get to do this before I die!

I’ll work anywhere

I’m always open to relocate somewhere for employment – including international destinations.

I’m pretty chatty

I’ll have a conversation with just about anyone. I’ve met some of the most interesting people in the most unusual places.

I forgot my birthday one year

#notproud 🙁

I cut the cord

I ‘cut the cord’ and haven’t subscribed to any form of cable TV since 2012. Suck it Comcast!

I never look back

If I had the ability to do things over, I wouldn’t. My life has had its ups and downs, but I love how my life is going!

I never use my real name

If there’s a wait at a restaurant, I always give them the name of a popular rapper. It’s amusing to watch someone repeatedly call for “T-Pain.”

Facts 16, 17 and 18 don’t exist

I came up with the random number of 18 and tried to fill them all out. #fail


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