A travel blogger's guide to the best places to visit in Java.

Experience culture, history and adventure in Java – A travel blogger’s guide to the best places to visit and things to do in Java.

No matter where you go in Java, getting there is most of the battle. I had been warned that traffic was pretty crazy there, but after living in Los Angeles and frequenting New York City I figured this would be easy. Not quite… A journey of 15 miles took well over an hour – three lanes of traffic turned into 4 lanes of cars accompanied by thousands of mopeds, motorcycles and occasional horse-drawn carriage filling in the gaps between lanes. If I were to describe it in a simple phrase, it would be “Insanity at a snail’s pace”.

Pack your patience and light clothing as it is warm in Indonesia.  This tropical destination straddling the equator can vary from humid hell to scorching-hot death mixed with a good bit of haze and monsoonal rains.  Don’t let a little bit of weather stop you from exploring some of the most amazing destinations on planet earth.


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