Cairo International Airport (CAI)

This airport is a complete mess and for people who haven't be here, YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

In all seriousness; The Cairo airport is a COMPLETE shit show.  There are so many things drastically wrong with this airport, the only thing I can do is give you tips when traveling to/from here.


Try to get a visa ahead of time.  They will issue visa on arrival, however you’ll soon figure out that there is no organization or queue management.  It’s just a plane full of people fighting to be next.  Truthfully, it really does make a HUGE difference if you can be one of the first people through passport control.


Before you go, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT TERMINAL YOU’RE DEPARTING FROM AND GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST 3 HOURS.  The terminals are not next to each other; in-fact there’s no shuttle between – it’s a cab ride to the next terminal.

When you get to your terminal, there are three layers of security you’ll pass through. It WILL be a shit show at every security check point, much the same way as arriving passport control – no organization or logic.

I flew business class into and out of Cairo, which gave me some “front of the queue” perks.  Be warned that this airport is a disorganized mess and WILL cause frustrations with the most seasoned traveler.


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