The Netherlands

Canal Tour of Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam's city center by canal.

Amsterdam tour by boat

When you arrive in Amsterdam Centraal Station, you’re literally in the city center.  Immediately you’ll notice tons of public transportation (trains, trolleys, buses) and bicycles – LOTS and LOTS of bycicles; there are relatively few personal automobiles.

Amsterdam as a city is extremely easy to navigate as everything is in a grid and surrounded by canals. All the buildings, destinations and attractions radiate out around in it concentric circles.

Tours by canal

  • Location: Immediately outside the Amsterdam Centraal train station, you’ll see no less than a dozen different river boat tours ranging in price, duration and routes.
  • Price: €10 – 35 ($11-40 USD) depending on route and duration chosen.
  • Trip Time: 20 mins up to hours

All of the riverboats have a guide who explains the different areas of Amsterdam, points of interest and history of the city and country. Personally, I found the boat tour pretty cool, but touristy (mostly because it was 07:00 and I was still tied).  On my subsequent trips back to Amsterdam, I would recommend for you to get some sleep and explore by foot – It’s so much better!