Canal Tour of Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam's city center by canal.

The Netherlands

Canal Tour of Amsterdam

Seeing the canals of Amsterdam is a unique way to take in the history of an amazing city without dealing with car, buses and assholes on bikes.  The riverboats are centrally located just outside of the Centraal train station – you can’t miss them. Each of the riverboats have a guide who explains the different areas of Amsterdam, points of interest and history of the city and country.

I found the boat tour pretty cool (mainly because I was jet lagged asf) and I had plenty of opportunities to snap some decent pictures of the city.  It’s a touristy thing to do but a great way to see the city from a unique point of view.

On my subsequent trips back to Amsterdam, I was able to explore the city by foot – it’s a lot better, but you have to deal with traffic.

Know before you go

  • Riverboats are located immediately outside the Amsterdam Centraal train station, you’ll see no less than a dozen different river boat tours ranging in price, duration and routes.
  • Tour prices are between €10 – 35 ($11-40 USD) depending on route and duration chosen.
  • Trip times vary dramatically (20 mins up to hours)

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