Chocolate Hills

Today’s journey was the Chocolate Hills on Bohol.  A short 2.5 hour boat ride across the Philippine Sea and we were arrived on Bohol Island.  The goal was to spend the day exploring all Bohol Island has to offer.  We hired a car and set off to explore many destinations on this tiny island in the middle of the Philippines.

[pi_wiloke_panel title=”Quick word on Bohol Island” content=”The drivers on Bohol Island were EXTREMELY tame and courteous compared to Manila and Cebu.  I almost felt safe riding in cars there.” contextual=”panel-primary”]

Chocolate Hills

A strange, yet oddly satisfying attraction on Bohol was the Chocolate Hills.  It’s nothing more than a geologic formation consisting of (an estimated 1,260 – 1,776) almost symmetrically conical hills.  They get their name from the lack of rain in the dry season causing the vegetation to die and become a chocolaty brown color.  Sadly, the hills weren’t made of chocolate.

If you’re looking to visit the Chocolate Hills, you must visit during the dry season which runs from November – May.  The rainy season means green (not brown) hills 🙂

[pi_wiloke_panel title=”2013 Earthquake on Bohol” content=”In 2013, a large 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines. There is still damage left over from this earthquake.  Signs, awnings and cracked cement all dot the path up to the summit of the Chocolate Hills park area.  Bohol had very visible and numerous signs of earthquake damage some 3 years after the earthquake.” contextual=”panel-primary”]

This attraction really doesn’t take a lot of time to see – once you see them, you’ve seen all of it.  There are many cool places to take pictures  and there are plenty of tourists wanting to do the same.



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