Cloud Lounge

I arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia on a Friday afternoon. After clearing passport control, I started my journey into city. I had been warned that traffic was pretty crazy there, but after living in Downtown Los Angeles and frequenting New York City I figured this would be easy.

Wow, I was wrong… A journey of 15 miles took over an hour – three lanes of traffic turned into 4 lanes of cars accompanied by thousands of mopeds, motorcycles and occasional horse filling in the gaps between lanes. If I were to describe it in a simple phrase, it would be “Insanity at a snail’s pace”.

Cloud Lounge

Once inside the city center, traffic thinned and things became tolerable. I visited really cool roof top lounge called Cloud Lounge, perched high above the chaotic Jakarta streets on the 49th floor of the Plaza Office Tower.

Unless you know what you’re looking for, the average visitor won’t find this place (easily).  I would strongly recommend taking some time to find this place – it’s worth it. The food is great, scenery is amazing and ambiance reminds me of an upscale New York City lounge.

The night started with loungy/chill house music and progressively worked into one hell of a party, filled with awesome electro house music.

Language barriers have always been one of the biggest hurdles to enjoying trip abroad. The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa, however most (almost all) spoke English fluently and made visiting this area quite pleasant.



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