Gardens By The Bay

Singapore ended up being a very quick trip due to some last minute flight delays and changes.  Because international flights depart only a handful of times per day, my original trip of 2 days, ended up being only 10 hours.   My trips around the world have always left people scratching their heads on on how I can travel through so much and still manage to have a good time.  Simple answer: It’s all about perspective.

Singapore has always been my list of places to visit.  Recently there has been an uptick in expatriate work in Singapore and I figure it wouldn’t hurt to take visit to a place I may end up living.

What can one do in less than a day in Singapore? EVERYTHING!  This country is very small, but full of amazing sites, scenery and things to do.

I started my journey by hailing an Uber driver at 1:00am to take me “somewhere” — over the next few hours, he showed me just about everything relevant, touristy and known by the locals.

Side note: For the casual travelers and tourists, I’d recommend a few days here! 

Gardens by the bay

Quite possibly one of the most unique and scenic parks I’ve been to – EVER.  The Gardens By The Bay is a large park with man-made illuminated trees that change color.  From the pictures they look moderate in size, however up close they are HUGE!

The entirety of the park can be walked in a few with numerous picturesque views and place to just relax.  I was told that people should visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest – both places I didn’t get to visit due to the time of my arrival.

The park is across the street from the Marina Bay Sands – an iconic hotel that most people stay at.  There’s a TON of stuff to do in this very walk-able area – bring comfy shoes, you’ll need them!



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