Harbor Bridge Climb

Harbor Bridge Climb

This post is not for the faint of heart.  One of the most amazing and spectacular things I’ve ever done in New South Wales was climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  While it may sound illegal, it’s not.  Climbing a bridge doesn’t exactly sounds like a big deal, you’ll realize exactly what I’m talking about once you see it up close. The Sydney Harbor Bridge stands 440 ft (134 m) above sea level and you can actually climb up to the top and stand on the metal support beams with only a thin metal wire and lanyard keeping you from certain death.

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a bit pricey ($300 USD) but takes significantly longer than you might expect.  From start to finish, it took almost 3 hours.

You and a small group of people take a quick climbing safety course and get a crash course in what not to do.  At the end, everyone is asked to empty their pockets of EVERYTHING (change, keys, electronics, etc) and put on this strange climbing suit over your clothes.  From there, everyone is issued two-way radios, and you’re connected to the safety cable that runs the length of the climb.

With everyone in radio communication, the climb leader guides everyone up the bridge, through ladders, hatches and suspended walk ways; There are no elevators or escalators, you’re actually walking and climbing the entire way (Mental note: I’m pretty sure there’s no ADA-version of this tour).

There are a couple of stops along the climb for photo opportunities, taken by the climb leader (and available for purchase at an insane mark up in the gift shop).

Don’t skimp on this, purchase the pictures – it truly is a memory that you will never forget and you’ll want these memories.  Visit Bridge Climb Sydney to schedule your climb.

[pi_wiloke_panel title=”Quick tip…” content=”Schedule your climb for dusk – the pictures (as you see below) are absolutely AMAZING.  Plus the temperature is cooling off, so it makes the 3 hour climb a lot more tolerable.” contextual=”panel-info”]

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