United Arab Emirates

Marina District

The Dubai Marina District was not a place high up on my list of places to visit, but a cheap flight will make anything possible! I arrived to total shock and awe – for the best reason possible; everything in Dubai exceeded my expectations in every way – simply put, THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

It’s [literally] a lush oasis in the middle of the desert that was designed for tourism and commerce.

Dubai Marina District

If one were to rationalize and rank global tourist areas, it would go a little something like this:

  • Disney = Families with kids
  • Las Vegas = Young adults looking for hookers and blow
  • New York City = Adults looking for the finer experiences (shows, shopping, etc)
  • Dubai = Refined adults looking for luxury (shopping and experiences)

Let’s start with the basics, the scenery out there is absolutely STUNNING.  It’s surprising to fly into the middle of the desert and see massive high-rises, established infrastructure and construction everywhere.

The Dubai marina district is considered the “new” section of Dubai – built within the last decade or so.  It’s where the high-end hotels, apartments and night life is located – truly a playground for luxury and money.

The weather is considerably hotter than most might expect.  Granted I did fly out there in July (Probably the hottest time of year); You should expect to bring light clothing – temperatures while I was there averaged about 117F (47 C) during the day, and around 90F (32C) at night – nothing that a quick swim in the Persian Gulf can’t fix.  Thankfully the humidity is low so it’s a “dry” heat (what ever the hell that means).  Growing up in Florida, I  am used to the oppressive heat of summer.  I survived the heat with light cargo shorts and dri-fit shirts.

[pi_wiloke_panel title=”Quick word on dress code…” content=”It is important to respect the local cultures, religion and rules, even if it is not your view – remember you are a visitor. Dress code is important, especially for women in this country.” contextual=”panel-warning”]



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