Red light district

The Netherlands

Red light district

Just a stone’s throw away from the best restaurants and attractions is one of the most taboo places that Amsterdam is famous for – The Red Light District.

Let’s clear a few things up… No, I haven’t slept with a prostitute, however for a mere €50’ish you can.  Locals and tourists can legally have sex with a variety of women on display like clothes in the window of a department store.  I spent some time in the Red Light District covertly people watching  – photography is prohibited for occupied windows and people caught have had their cameras tossed in the canal or had to answer to the police.

Red Lights (and people) Everywhere

Amsterdam's Red Light District

Amsterdam’s Red Light District

What I found was hundreds of windows across many blocks with women of all shapes and sizes in tiny lingerie advertising themselves to anyone who was interested. All you have to do is make eye contact and they’ll open the door and discuss terms.  If both parties accept, inside you go and the rest is left to the imagination.

Where things got interesting was the sheer number of people who trekked to this area just to walk up and down the streets ogling at the women in the windows like puppies at the pound.  Literally, thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people pass by just to experience Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

NOTE: Blue lights signify a person who wasn’t born of that gender (I googled it).

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