Reykjavik Art


Reykjavik Art

My travels took me through Iceland where I visited the capital city of Reykjavik. It boasts being the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state and a surprisingly popular destination for tourism!?

I found myself wandering through the streets of downtown Reykjavik, visiting the local cafes and shops. I didn’t expect to stumble upon an outdoor art exhibit which spanned the entire city. During the non-snowy time of year, they close off the narrow streets, turning it into an our door art gallery.

Reykjavik City Center

What I didn’t expect was how Reykjavik’s local artists incorporated art into countless buildings throughout the city to have the city become a part of the artwork landscape.

On main roads, side streets and downtown areas, you can find a beautiful works of art painted directly on to the building.  Every mural themed to match the architecture, structure and area.  It transformed Reykjavik from a city with art into art itself.

In all honesty – I am not an art buff and wouldn’t recognize a well known artist if I hit them with my tiny Icelandic rental car.  I’m just a simple guy, traveling the world and this was a VERY unexpected, pleasant surprise – something worth sharing with the world.

If you’re passing through and don’t have a lot of time in Iceland, Reykjavik has the highest concentration of things to do and see.  It’s definitely worth the visit.

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