Sumilon Island

Once you’ve finished swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, take a short boat ride to Sumilon Island.  Spend the day basking in the hot, tropical sun surrounded by magnificent turquoise waters and white sand beaches.

Sumilon Island Sand Bar

Sumilon Island is [for the most part] uninhabited, except for a small resort on the island.  The beach and sand bar are accessible via boat only and are sectioned off from the resort. The public areas are completely free (aside from the cost of the boat ride over) and have no amenities. Bring sun block, food and plenty of drinks – you’ll need them.

Spend the day basking in the intensely hot sun, surrounded by turquoise blue waters of the Philippine Sea.

[pi_wiloke_panel title=”Quick note about the weather” content=”The Philippine islands are only 9-10 degrees north of the equator. The sun is intensely hot here year round and you WILL burn without continual application of sun block.” contextual=”panel-warning”]



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