Tarsier Sanctuary

The cutest little tree hugger you'll ever see!

Tarsier Sanctuary

The tarsier is the unofficial mascot of Bohol and everywhere on the island is tarsier-themed.  These cute little guys are a huge draw to Bohol, but very easy to miss.  We took the car to the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary and spent some time learning about them and seeing them in their natural habitat.

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

Tarsiers are only 6-8 inches (15-20cm) from head to tail and have disproportionately large eyes.  These adorable nocturnal primates hunt insects at night and are mostly inactive during the days.  There are a few hundred (estimated) Tarsiers at the sanctuary and you’ll (most likely) see a handful just hugging a tree limb, watching crazy tourists take pictures of them.

The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary is well worth a visit!

FYI: After you visit, you’ll probably want one. Sadly, they commit suicide during captivity (total buzz kill).

Helpful information when visiting…
Tarsiers are nocturnal and sleep during the day. The sanctuary opens are 09:00 local time – Getting there as earlier as possible will give you the best chance of seeing one awake. Additionally the earlier you are, you’ll happily miss the swarms of tourists that arrive around 11:00 local time.
Photographing tarsiers
If you’re looking to photograph Tarsiers, your cell phone is not going to cut it. You’ll be kept back 3-4′ by the guides to protect the tarsiers in their natural habitat. Yes, you can use the digital zoom on your cell phone, but the auto focus will have problems due to the depth of field and leaves/branches around. Bring a good digital camera or DSLR (recommended) with a modest zoom lens. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! These little critters love the night (hence the giant eyes) and are light sensative.

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