Tokyo Tower

Some time ago, I visited Tokyo on one of my first international trips, ever.  I had the opportunity to visit again, however just stopping through as I was in-transit to Indonesia.  My layover was long enough (13h) to allow an overnight escape outside of the airport and some much needed rest.

If you want to visit Tokyo, you have two choices on how to get there – Narita or Haneda airports.  For sanity sake, fly to Haneda; It’s 15mi (24km) from Tokyo and very easy to get to/from.  Narita is 48mi (77km) from Tokyo but does have an express train that takes you to/from Tokyo.  Don’t let the word “express” fool you, it’s still a 2 hr adventure in a language you probably don’t speak.

Tokyo Tower

During my short trip, I passed through a few of the areas I had been to before. Nothing really changed, which surprised me as I was expecting to see lingering damage from the 2011 earthquake.  Since I was short on time, I could only pick one thing to do. I chose to visit the Tokyo Tower, a communications tower and tourist trap.  Unfortunately I arrived just as they were closing and was met with the same Japanese hospitality (read: sarcasm) I found the first time I visited.

I walked around Shiba park until the fog (and rain) rolled in.  I managed to grab some amazing pictures of the skyline from the hotel room and surrounding areas during my short stay.

I will say, that Tokyo and Japan (in general) is still quite expensive to visit – If you’re planning a trip here, have lots of patience and money.



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