Tokyo’s Central Business District

Tokyo’s Central Business District

Little did I know that this trip would start an amazing set of adventures of the country of Japan.  This trip was only my second international destination and this trip really pushed my limits of exploring the world.  I was in a large city in an island nation where the culture and language was like nothing I had every experienced before; people everywhere, tiny cars and the most interesting food, ever.

Tokyo Central Business District

One of my favorite places to visit is New York City, strangely Tokyo reminds me of the big apple.  Everywhere you look, it’s a bustling metropolis with an endless sea of people and things to do.  Seeing this city for the first time was really interesting.  The skyline was filled with amazing high rise buildings and the city was walkable.  The hardest thing about visiting Japan was the understanding of their signs and language.  Reading a primarily symbol-based font made getting to destinations very hard.  Sadly, it was even harder to communicate in English with the locals.

I have been back to Japan a handful of times since my first visit, and still struggle with communicating.  I will admit, it has gotten easier since my first visit, but I still struggle to crack the code to having an awesome visit where I feel comfortable in this amazing city.

[pi_wiloke_panel title=”Quick note on the food…” content=”If you bring your appetite, be prepared to be let down. I am a 6′ guy who doesn’t skip a meal. The average portion size in Japan is VERY small comparatively. The continental breakfast in my hotel was actual comical. To give you a point of reference, my cell phone was the size of the breakfast box.” contextual=”panel-info”]


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