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On the tarmac at BCT

It was a typical Friday afternoon of looking busy staring at a computer screen until 5:00 rolled around. My phone rang with a buddy asking if I wanted to “take the Citation on a test flight”. Naturally, I had to think about it for precisely 0.000000001 seconds. I headed to Boca Raton executive (BCT) airport and met up with my buddy to fly to nowhere.

My buddy was a private pilot that was making a test flight to test out some new toys — honestly, that’s not a bad job.

The world's safest private jet
The world's safest private jet

Interestingly, private jets don’t worry about TSA or security screenings — it’s nothing like commercial air travel. You go from the parking lot, through the lobby and directly onto the plane. For a change, I didn’t have to leave my pistol in the car or wait in the security screening line! I boarded the plane and sitting on the table was the pilot’s .45 — So I added my .40 to the collection, which made this aircraft the safest jet, ever.

After the pre-flight briefing, we took off and headed North passing West Palm Beach and onward to Orlando. Somewhere outside of Orlando, I was casually asked if I wanted to fly the jet; What the fuck, why not? I hopped in the right seat and flew (with a little help) westward towards Tampa then turned Southeast towards home.

We landed back at BCT, and that ended my first flight in a badass private jet.

Verdict: I’ve got to get one of these things.