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Delta Airlines B737

Delta’s Comfort+ cabin of service was introduced in 2016 and is the economy offering with additional leg room and amenities on domestic and international routes. Seat assignments are allowed at time of booking throughout the Comfort+ cabin.  All Comfort+ tickets enjoy Comfort+ zone boarding.

Comfort+ seating is based on the aircraft configuration

  • Regional jets – 2-2 configuration
  • Narrow body jets – 2-3, 3-2 or 3-3 configurations
  • Wide body jets – 2-3-2 or 3-4-3 configurations

How to upgrade to Delta Comfort+ from Basic Economy?

Sorry bro, never going to happen. Basic Economy tickets are restricted from complimentary upgrades.

How to upgrade to Delta Comfort+ from Main Cabin?

Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ from Main Cabin are complimentary based on Medallion status, then ticketed fare class.

How to upgrade to Delta First Class from Comfort+?

Upgrades to Delta First Class from Comfort+ are complimentary based on Medallion status, then ticketed fare class. In reality, most daytime flights (especially on peak days) usually have 1-2 seats available for an upgrade which Diamond Medallion battle over. To maximize your upgrade changes, take the first or last flights of the day or fly on non-peak days.

NOTE: A ticketed Comfort+ W fare class makes upgrade rankings hard to understand because complimentary upgrades are based on the fare basis code. In essence, if two Medallion members at the same status (one in Main Cabin, one in Comfort+) competing for one First Class seat doesn’t mean the Comfort+ will be upgraded first. If your W fare basis code is lower than the Main Cabin passenger’s fare basis code, they will receive the complimentary upgrade.

How to upgrade to Delta Premium Economy from Comfort+?

Upgrades to Delta Premium Economy cabin are only available via SWU/Global upgrade certificates.

How to upgrade to Delta One from Comfort+?

Upgrades to the Delta One cabin are only available via SWU/Global upgrade certificates.

For Delta marketed and operated flights you’ll earn standard MQM, MQD and RDM earnings based on your ticketed fare class (what you originally paid for), not what cabin of service you flew in. The following matrix gives you your earning potential of elite status while flying as a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Medallion member.









7 miles per MQD





8 miles per MQD





9 miles per MQD





11 miles per MQD

On the ground

Seat Assignment – Seat selection available at time of booking.

Boarding – Comfort+ boarding zone.

In flight

Comfort+ seat – Up to 4″ of additional leg room and increased recline.

Complimentary beverages – Coke products and alcohol are complementary.

Food – Assortment of  snacks (changes throughout the year). Meal available on select routes and longer/transcontinental flights.

In-seat power – Most jets have 110V power between the recliners.

In-flight entertainment – Select planes/routes are equipped with seat-back entertainment units. Shorter flights have in-flight entertainment available through WiFi on your phone/tablet.

Pillow/Blanket – The pillow is small’ish and most flights have the new grey/light blue Delta blanks which are a HUGE step up from the paper-thin red blankets.

Amenity/sleep kit – Provided on transcontinental and some red-eye flights.

How do I know if my Delta flight is marketed by Delta?

Your ticket number should start with 006. The 006 ticket stock means that your ticket was purchased through Delta Airlines.

How do I know if my Delta flight is operated by Delta?

Your flight number should start with DL. Most Delta code share flight numbers will be above DL5000 – DL9999.

How does Delta calculate MQDs for frequent flyer earnings?

Delta MQD’s are the cost of the ticket minus some taxes and fees. Calculating MQDs is easy from the flight receipt you received in email.

What are Delta Comfort+ fare classes?

Delta Comfort+ cabin fare class or cabin codes is W, however it is supported by a fare basis code that is used to calculate your upgrade rank.