Iceland’s quirky attractions

Bordering the article circle, Iceland is a weird destination that has head-scratching quirks that make this island-nation one of the best places to visit year round. Visiting Iceland is an easy weekend trip from the USA and Europe with the short flight-time, ease of access and variety of attractions.

Iceland’s Landscape

You’ll instantly notice the jagged, rocky terrain with sporadic patches of brownish-green moss; it’s a surreal, almost-Martian landscape that is unique to Iceland. The terrain gets its ruggedly-good looks from thousands of years of eruptions from the 31 nearby volcanoes.

Icelandic Cairns

Cairns dot the Martian landscape, similar to Easter Island’s Moai. Icelandic Cairns are ancient rock sculptures that mark the many paths that traverse the island. Many of the rock formations are still standing, especially along the Reykjanesbruat highway (Highway 41) just outside the Keflavik Airport.

Geothermal Activity

Iceland is one of the most Geothermically active places on Earth. Geothermal vents provide locals with a renewable, green way to produce energy for use throughout the country. Most mountains roads parallel huge steam pipes that transport the hot, high-pressure steam to turbines to generate power.

Icelandic people like to party

The winters are cold and dark, and the summers are less-cold and bright; what does one do in Iceland? GET SHIT-FACED DRUNK! The social scene is surprisingly active, and locals love to party well into the night. Rooftop bars and nightclubs advertise they’ll be open as long as the temp is above 5 C (WTF? Really!?)

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

One of Iceland’s most well-known attractions is the Blue Lagoon. The warm turquoise waters are a 15-minute drive from the airport. Once you reach the middle of nowhere, it’s a fantastic place to spend a cold day in the warm, silica-rich waters of Iceland’s geothermal vents.

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