Travel myths

Traveling is expensive

Yes, traveling can be expensive – if you let it.  Airlines love last-minute shoppers and people who don’t understand the system. The key to keeping your budget is flexibility in how, when and where you travel to AND FROM. You can find some domestic flights cheaper than gassing up your car and driving (and it’s definitely quicker).  Amazing international destinations have round-trip ticket prices for just a few hundred dollars per person.

My seat is too small

Yes, your seat is small.  Airlines are looking for maximize revenue and profitability by cramming as many people on an aircraft as safely as possible.  The contract of carriage stipulates they get you from the origin to destination – there is nothing about comfort.  Airlines have been addressing this by offering you a choice when booking. Basic economy is a no-frills fare with back of the plane/middle seats at the lowest possible rate.  Premium economy and Business class cabins have different amenities and costs – how comfortable you are is your choice.

OMG! Turbulence

Turbulence is something that will never go away.  NOAA and the FAA have made amazing advancements in radar and satellite technology that give pilots real-time information of turbulence and weather allowing flight routing around (when possible).  Additionally, aircraft manufacturers have made planes lighter, stronger and more resilient; the bottom line is that airlines like to fly want to keep flying.

Traveling in your golden years

No one has been able to pinpoint the day, month or year when we’ll die.  Sadly, when people are sick they usually can’t travel and regret not traveling younger. Why wait? Now’s the best time to travel! Travel while you have your health, energy and drive to explore this amazing planet.

Traveling is stressful

In the post 9/11 world, security screening is something we will all must deal with – there is no way around it (unless you have a private jet).  Airlines will overbook flights and unforeseen circumstances will delay or cancel flights.  Navigating airport terminals and gates will always seem like a sprint to the finish line, no matter how much time you have or don’t have.  If you’re new to traveling and want to see if it something you can deal with, i’d recommend buying a piece of Ikea furniture; If you can assemble it without fighting with your yelling, screaming or physical violence you can easily handle traveling – the key is to understand the processes and how to optimize yourself to deal with it.

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