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Delta eGate boarding in ATL

Efficiency and on time performance is at the heart of Delta Airlines and it’s one of the main reasons I continue to fly with them. While passing through the ATL airport, I was fortunate enough try Delta’s new eGate Boarding.  eGates aren’t new to the airline industry – they’re frequently used in the European Union. Delta is piloting the eGate boarding in ATL at T1, T2, T3 (and soon) T4.


Delta has made efforts over the past years with redesigned gates in the ATL B concourse. These newly redesigned gates have been the test bed of fresh ideas on how to improve boarding times while reducing the crowding around the gate. Queuing at the eGates is separated by zone with pillars for passengers to stand behind (similar to Southwest). Passengers line up behind a pillar for Premium, Sky Priority, Zone 1 and Zone 2.

eGate Boarding

Once your zone is called, you walk up to either of the two gates and scan your boarding pass (both paper or electronic passes work).  One confirmed, the gates open and away you go.

Upgrades and seat assignments

For passengers without an assigned seat (Basic economy, standby or non-rev) who have been cleared to board, the eBoarding gate will print a receipt with your assigned seat at the time of scanning.

For frequent fliers, the same logic applies for upgrades or last minute seat changes – the eGate will print a receipt with your new assigned seat at time of scanning.

Overall experience

So far, so good! The process was extremely easy and the plane seemed to board faster.  The separation and organization of zones REALLY helped keep people from crowding the gate.

It seemed like everyone got the hang of it very quickly – especially the tech savvy travelers.