DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN is a unique photography-based travel blog that showcases some of Earth’s most unique sights and experiences that have significant historical, cultural, or scientific importance.

Started in 2009 by travel blogger Sean Brown, DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN has annual visitors from 130+ countries across six continents. Sean continually produces informative original content with engaging photo and video content for the 40k social followers and 100k monthly website visitors.

The photography-centered articles, along with Sean’s snarky commentary, gives readers an uncensored perspective of what to expect.

The wanderlust vibe

I caught the wanderlust travel bug when I was 10 and have been traveling on-and-off ever since. It’s my passion to explore the world and help others follow in my footsteps.

Wandering and exploring doesn’t mean you have to spent 15 hours on a flight. It’s about living life and embracing the experiences close to home and around the world.

How can I help?

By no means am I an expert, just observant and inquisitive on process and procedures to make traveling less stressful. I make it a point to document the uncensored views on destinations to give people a realistic expectation of what they’ll encounter.