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North America

North America

Cheap travel to North America
Amazing destinations travels to North America to explore a continent filled with amazing destinations. Join Sean Brown exploring the history, the people, and the culture that make this continent an amazing destination to visit.


  • Despite being the third largest continent in the world, North America only ranks fourth when it comes to population.
  • The North American continent is the only continent in the world that has all climatic types. It has savanna and tropical rain forest in Central America, tundra in the northern parts of Canada and Alaska, and permanent ice cap in Greenland. There are also semi-arid and desert conditions near areas surrounded by high mountains.
  • The first Native Americans are believed to have migrated from Asia through a land bridge that once connected the two continents more than 15,000 years ago.


  • The North American continent encompasses 23 sovereign countries and 25 dependent territories.