1. The archipelago is made up of 18,307 islands that span 1/8 the circumference of the planet Earth.
  2. Indonesia is home to the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo dragon. It inhabits on 5 Indonesian islands and isn’t found anywhere else in the world.
  3. Jakarta, Its capital is the most Instagrammed location in Asia.
  4. Indonesia has the third most volcanoes of any country in the world – 139 volcanoes to be exact.
  5. Indonesia’s flag is similar to Monaco and Poland – The Indonesian flag is just a little wider than Monaco’s.
  6. The Island of Java is the world’s most populous island with 139M+ people (as of 2014).
  7. Indonesia is the only place on earth to observe the Komodo dragon in the wild.
  8. Sumatra is one of just two places in the world to observe wild orangutans.
  9. Indonesia is a Guinness Book of World Records for making the largest packet of instant noodles, a whopping 665kg.
  10. Jakarta has the worst traffic in the world.