1. Kenya’s wildlife is unrivaled by any other in the world, both in terms of numbers and variety of species
  2. Hunting any protected animal in Kenya is illegal.
  3. Kenya used to be a British colony until December 12, 1963 when it gained its own independence.
  4. Kenyan men can have more than one wife, if they want.
  5. Some of the oldest known paleontological records of man’s history have been found in Kenya.
  6. Kenya’s Great Rift Valley was formed 20+ million years ago, when the Earth’s crust split.
  7. In Kenya, most beverages are served hot or room temperature, never cold.
  8. Ugali is a Kenyan food staple. It is made with flour and is typically served with stew.
  9. Coffee and tourism are the biggest industries in Kenya.
  10. Most of Kenya’s electricity is hydroelectricity.