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Hi, I’m Sean Brown

Meet Sean Brown, technology guru, world traveler, photographer, and author of DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN – an uncensored travel blog filled with adventure, culture, and photography.

Sean is an experienced, lead-by-example technology executive that is exceptional at leading technical teams. He is a left-brain thinker that possesses an innate ability to evaluate any situation from a strategic and tactical viewpoint to render a path forward.

His self-confidence, coupled with his progressive, out-of-the-box mindset, has allowed him to accomplish many career and life goals in the face of adversity.

The tradition of marriage, 2.5 kids, and a house with a white picket fence has been replaced with aggressive career growth and exploring the world with random trips to anywhere, and meeting new people everywhere.

Sean’s forward motion and passion for exploration have led to many unique experiences across the planet experiencing local culture, nature, and the raw power of planet earth.

The lighter side of Sean is a mixture of adventure, ambition, and humor with a side of cynical sarcasm. He is fiercely loyal to his inner circle but smart enough not to run for president of the United States. Once you meet him, you’ll never forget him.

Sean Brown Harbor Bridge climb
Sean Brown Harbor Bridge climb

Q: Isn’t it expensive to travel?

A: Nah, I buy the cheapest tickets and fly during off-peak times; I flew to China (Round trip) for $609.


Q: Why do you travel so much?

A: I’ve always had a passion for exploring and experiencing new things. This planet is bad ass and has a lot to experience!


Q: How many miles have you flown?

A: Well over 1,000,000 miles. I started traveling in the early 1990’s and only started keep tabs in 2009.

Christmas didn't exist one year

In 2011 I was flying to Australia; we took off on December 24th and crossed the international date line in-flight and landed on December 26th.

I never use my real name

Whenever I go to anywhere that asks for your name, I always give them the name of a popular rapper. Nothing beats seeing someone calling for “50 cent” in a crowd of people.

I forgot my birthday

Yep, this happened – #notproud

I've never drank alcohol

Nope… Never… Not beer, wine and/or liquor. I choose to keep things on the straight and narrow.

I must understand what makes things happen

I have a strange need to watch shows/documentaries about disasters (structural failures, natural disasters, plane crashes, etc). It’s not from a morbid point of view, but to understand how and why a random series of events cascade to cause devastation.

I am left handed

Seriously, the struggle is real. I right with right-handed things every day.

No regret

My life has had its ups and downs but if given the chance to ‘do-over’ any part of my life – I wouldn’t.

Sean Brown, Palm Beach, FLA long, long time ago in a city far, far away a new earthling was hatched; the name bestowed on to him, Sean Brown. It was a simple name for a complicated individual; Sean’s mastery of complex tasks such as eating and pooping at an early age proved that everything was possible.

Fast forward 1,827 diaper changes later and behold, Sean’s first words “light on!” From an early start Sean’s fascination with technology and the things that make the world function paved the way for expensive birthdays and holidays filled with gizmos and gadgets that always required batteries (not included).

As it’s evident from Sean’s first words, understanding how things work remained a constant in his life; all of his nifty gadgets and gizmos met their demise with his obsession to figure out how they worked. Much like Wile E. Coyote and his unrelenting persistence to satisfy his hunger, Sean learned from the disassembled pile of parts (which used to function). Through the years of self-education and perfecting the reassembly technique, these gadgets became not only a learning tool but something he could continue using afterward.

Sean, much like the Coyote always analyzed situations, identified the problems and tried his hardest to succeed at everything he did. Standardized placement testing showed extremely high levels of thinking at an early age and led to gifted/AP classes in grade school. The lack of challenge in standardized/multi-choice testing left Sean feeling bored and just did whatever it took to find excitement in learning.

Some of Sean’s most significant educational accomplishments were realized not from the “read this chapter and take a test” mentality but from teachers (public, private and post-secondary) giving him projects which had no structure, no guidelines, no pass or fail. The goal was to identify something he wanted to learn about, research it and produce an end-result showing the reader everything he learned and the minuscule details he found interesting.

Sean Brown in Sydney, Australia

Sean started his career as the single “IT Guru” in an office filled with 50 people in the days of dial-up internet. While working, he took night classes on various subjects (including computer repair, networking, and database administration) and excelled at every single one; The ability for Sean to comprehend and understand not only the workings, but the theory/idea behind the technology made classes easy and testing out (well ahead of other classmates) a common occurrence.

His career flourished in the early 2000s by being recruited to head the IT department of a 700+ person engineering company in South Florida. He was in control of a fast-paced environment where decision-making, project management, and effective communications affected hundreds of users across multiple sites.

Sean has been involved with every aspect of multi-site, multi-server, cross-platform projects in mission-critical environments; His extensive knowledge of operations, employee management, and technical leadership gives him the know-how to not only manage the people, process and projects but to do the work himself. His philosophy is simple:

There’s not one thing I would ask anyone do that I wouldn’t do myself. – Sean Brown

Working remotely, planning work trips or relaxing on a long weekend led to a created a career full of discipline, productivity, and advancement where the sky is the limit (no pun intended).

Location means nothing; Sean’s career has led him to live in multiple states while cultivating his passion for exploring. He has been able to excel by eliminating geographical constraints and leading teams and meeting clients wherever the company needs.

Sean Brown in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sean’s way of documenting the natural, un-posed beauty of a particular place on the planet at a specific point in time is through photography and videography. Seeing, analyzing, and reflecting on the image at hand is unique to every person and open for interpretation. Some of the most dramatic and emotional pictures happen when the lighting is perfect; when peoples’ emotions are showing naturally; and most importantly when life happens.

Photography is a hobby for Sean, and he invests in it (with time, effort and money) as if it were his profession. He welcomes all comments and constructive criticisms;

My goal is to keep documenting the world with every trip I take! – Sean Brown

Humans are inherently conditioned to follow the societal direction of what others do. The status quo of society in the USA insinuates that 2.5 kids, a dog, and a house with a white picket fence are everyone’s dream. Much of this inferred normalcy from the 1950s has brainwashed humanity into living for the reasons your parents did. In no way is this bad, but what if there’s more to life?

Couples are consciously passing on offspring, choosing to focus on a career rather than buying a house and living life to the fullest.

Everything Sean ever knew about was contained within a 50-mile radius of where he grew up. We’ve all seen (Sean included) the TV documentaries about the pristine beauty of the Caribbean or raw power of volcanoes, but most don’t act on going because it is too hard, too expensive or out of their comfort zone to go there.

Sean’s first few trips showed that going places was neither costly or complicated. With each new destination, he saw differences in people, unique cultures and sights that have left a lasting memory in his life.

I’ve learned through travel that the world’s cultures, landscapes, and people are so much more than the 50-mile radius of where you grew up. Travel educates you about humanity as a whole. – Sean Brown