Do AMEX Status Boost MQMs count towards Million Miler status?

The absolutely concrete answer (and proof) if Status Boost MQMs from American Express cards count towards Million Miler status.

There is debate over whether American Express Status Boost MQMs count towards earning lifetime MQMs (Million Miler status) on many frequent flyer forums and social media platforms. This article definitively answers the question with proof.

Who is eligible for Status Boost?

Delta-branded American Express Platinum and Reserve card holders are eligible for Status Boost MQMs by spending in excess of the predetermined thresholds which trigger a 15,000 MQM bonus. For the American Express reserve card, there are four status boosts – one at $30,000, $60,000, $90,000 and at $120,000 spend in a calendar year.

Who can receive the American Express Status Boost MQMs?

The primary card holder will receive an email from Delta as each threshold is met with a link to login to the portal where an option will be given to redeem the MQMs to the cardholder’s SkyMiles account, or gift the miles to another SkyMiles member.

Delta MQM gifting from American Express Status Boost

Do Status Boost MQM’s count toward Million Miler status?

Yes, American Express MQM’s miles deposited as a result of passing the Status Boost threshold do conclusively count towards both the current-year’s MQMs and the lifetime MQMs (Million Miler status). The proof comes with two screenshots (below) that show the before and after of the MQM deposit.

Yes, I realize my AMEX spend in the screenshot is $27,000, but I received the email ahead of AMEX spend graph reflecting the >$30,000 spend.

MQM and Lifetime MQMs before the status boost is applied.
MQM and Lifetime MQMs after the status boost is applied.

It should be noted that once the Status Boost MQMs are selected, they will show up under your recent activity, but the MQMs do not post for several hours to the account status screen.

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