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Drinks, dancing and douchebaggery

Locals and tourists looking to shake off the chill of Iceland should head into the center of Reykjavik to party on Austurstræti street.  The street is lined with restaurants, pubs and lounges creating a fun atmosphere perfect for bar hopping late into the night.  WARNING: Icelandic people know how to drink and party… Don’t try to out-drink them, it’s impossible.

Dinner and drinks

There is every type of imaginable food within a few blocks of Austurstræti street.

  • Middle-eastern
  • Italian
  • American
  • English/Irish
  • Parisian

Pick a place and go for it.  From the intimate restaurant on the street corner to the sports bar watching highlights of rugby.

I enjoyed a kangaroo steak – let’s just say it had an interesting texture and taste to it.

Dancing and douchbaggery

I have a long history with club life and partying until the sun came up; It’s not what you think, I used to DJ.  Reykjavik locals are absolutely party animals and love to dance and have a good time.  Every venue is open late and is caters to it’s own crowd. You can start the night in a chill lounge, move to the hottest dance club and finish off in a smoky Irish pub – All within [drunk] stumbling distance.

Ooh, and apparently rooftop/patios/outside decks are a thing – IN ICELAND (of all places).  As long as it’s above 5C (41F) the rooftop decks are open and full of people?!

Doughnut truck

I shit you not, there is a mobile doughnut truck that serves freshly fried doughnuts.  Let that sink in for a moment…. FRESH, HOT, DOUGHNUTS… ON WHEELS! Walk up and order a dozen [or so] doughnuts with your choice of chocolate, caramel, glaze or marshmallow drizzle.  Top off your late night snack with cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, cinnamon sugar or [just about] anything that drunk people crave at 03:00.

I can’t stress enough that when you visit Reykjavik, YOU NEED TO VISIT THE DOUGHNUT TRUCK!


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