Harbor Bridge Climb

Climbing the Harbour Bridge is the most spectacular thing you can do in Sydney. No elevators or escalators, you're climbing this bitch.

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Sydney’s harbor bridge climb is not for the faint of heart. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is easily the second most recognizable landmark in Sydney, right behind the Opera House. It stands a formidable 130m+ above sea level and connects the central business district with North Sydney; the 8-lane steel beast is over 1/2km in length and is a vital artery to the area.

Imagine climbing this freaking gigantic bridge; you’re ascending to a height of more than 130m above the harbor and roadways below, on a measly 1/2m steel beam.

No pictures do the size and scale of this bridge justice; the only thing that comes close is my drone footage in the video below.

Climbing the Harbor Bridge is one of the most spectacular things you can do in New South Wales. It takes decent physical strength and takes an astonishing 3 hours from start to finish.

Harbor Bridge Climb Uncensored

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a bit pricey at AUD 374 per person, but the experience is well worth the investment.

You’ll begin with a small group of people take a quick climbing safety course and get a crash course in what not to do.  At the conclusion, everyone is asked to empty their pockets of everything and put on a strange climbing suit over your clothes.

The guide issues two-way radios to each climber and all systems are tested; from there, you’re attached to the metal safety cable that runs the length of the climb.

The journey involves climbing up ladders, through hatches and over suspended walkways and a shitload of stairs; there’s no elevators or escalators, you’re walking and climbing the entire way.

There are a couple of stops along the climb for photo opportunities, taken by the climb leader (and available for purchase at an insane mark up in the gift shop).

Once you reach the top, it’s a 360-degree view of pure Australian beauty.

Through the viewfinder