One of the things I like to explore is the history of an area, not just the glitz and glamour that they want you to see.  I hired a driver to show me around everywhere that had historic importance. I wanted to learn where this oasis in the middle of the desert began.  The 3 hour trip took me all over the streets of Dubai, no where near the tourist areas.

Al Fahidi Fort

This fort was originally constructed in 1787 and is believed to be the oldest building in existence in the United Arab Emirates. The attraction covers the archaeology and history of Dubai.

Streets of Dubai

During my exploration, I learned that Dubai’s beginnings were modest and full of rich history.  Some of the oldest residential structures are still in-use and occupied by local today.

The newer, tourist areas (Marina District) were built in the past decade or so, and target more of the “new money” and Ex-patriates who call Dubai home.  One of Dubai’s most ambitious projects would the Palm Islands – man-man structures in the middle of the Persian Gulf.  Built with the intent to house the wealthiest individuals in the country and world.

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