Opulent luxury, towering skyscrapers and epic shenanigans in the middle of the desert.

If one were to rationalize and rank global tourist areas, it would go a little something like this:

  • Disney = Families with kids
  • Las Vegas = Young adults looking for hookers and blow
  • New York City = Adults, looking for the more exquisite experiences 
  • Dubai = Refined adults, looking for pure luxury

Dubai is a human-made oasis in the middle of the desert; the scenery is stunning and well throughout to draw the most elite visitors to the area where high-end shopping, experiences, and “finer things in life” are virtually on every street corner. It’s easy to forget you’re in the desert while surrounded by massive high-rises, established infrastructure, and construction everywhere.

Unfortunately, the sustainability of Dubai is in question with the lack of natural resources – let’s be honest, the lush green fields of grass and manicured landscapes don’t exactly grow without water in a location that has none. 

Marina District Uncensored

Dubai’s Marina District is considered the “new” section of Dubai – built within the last decade. The Marina District is home to towering high-end hotels, apartments, and the center of the nightlife.

The climate in Dubai is considerably hotter than most might expect. I’m still not exactly sure what a “dry heat” is, but that’s how most visitors describe the weather; personally, it feels like an oven on broil.

Expect to bring light clothing and always have lots of water with you.

Dress code is usually strict, especially for women. Always remember to be respectful of the local cultures, especially the Muslim religion – even if it is not your view.

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