Shadow Passenger Resources

Shadow Passenger is the ultimate SkyMiles playbook written by Delta’s top-tier Medallion frequent flyers. This information is compiled through years of flying and leaning ways to optimize your elite earnings and benefits. Delta Air Lines publishes the official record of what to expect; however, it’s is (intentionally) hard to understand, even after their announced “simplification” of the SkyMiles 2024 program.

What you’ll find here is pretty damn accurate and updated regularly. If you see incorrect information, please feel free to reach out to me through my preferred contact methods.

My thoughts on the SkyMiles program

I’ve been flying with Delta Air Lines and the SkyTeam Partners since 2007’ish, and have logged dozens of countries across six continents. I can say that Delta had a solid program; however the entire industry has been on a tear to devalue the benefits provided to its most frequent, highest revenue customers.

The Shadow Passenger playbook was developed out of necessity to combat the consistent devaluations that airlines are enforcing on their frequent flyers.

We control the future of the airline loyalty programs with our cash. Spend it wisely, earn and redeem as much as you can without spending any more than you have to – it’s that simple.