Sean Brown

Photographer and travel blogger @ DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN

Ridiculously frequent flyer, travel blogger and photographer. Masters degree in blanket fort engineering and double minor in Netflix and nachos.


A long, long time ago, in a city far, far away, a new earthling was hatched; the name bestowed on to him, Sean Brown. It was a simple name for a complicated individual; Sean’s mastery of complex tasks such as eating and pooping at an early age proved that everything was possible.

Fast forward 3,827 diaper changes later, and behold, Sean’s first words, “light on!” From an early start, Sean’s fascination with shiny objects and the things that make the world function paved the way for birthdays and holidays filled with gizmos and gadgets that always required batteries (not included).

As it’s evident from Sean’s first words, understanding how things work remained a constant in his life; all of his nifty gadgets and gizmos met their demise with his obsession to figure out how they worked. Much like Wile E. Coyote and his unrelenting persistence to satisfy his hunger, Sean learned from the disassembled pile of parts (which used to function). Through years of self-education and perfecting the reassembly technique, these gadgets became a learning tool and something he could continue using afterward.

Sean, much like the Coyote, constantly analyzed situations, identified problems, and tried his hardest to succeed at everything he did. Standardized placement testing showed extremely high levels of thinking at an early age and led to gifted/AP classes in grade school. However, the lack of challenge in standardized/multi-choice testing bored Sean, doing whatever it took to find excitement in learning.

Some of Sean’s most significant educational accomplishments were realized not from the “read this chapter and take a test” mentality but from teachers (public, private and post-secondary) giving him projects with no structure, no guidelines, and no pass-or-fail. Instead, the goal was to identify something he wanted to learn about, research it and produce a result showing the reader everything he knew and the little details he found interesting.

Sean’s photography passion began with admission to a TV/Film school and internships at the local ABC and CBS affiliates. Video production evolved into still photography, where Sean began documenting the natural, un-posed beauty of a specific point in time. Seeing, analyzing, and reflecting on the image at hand is unique to every person and open to interpretation.

Some of the most dramatic and emotional pictures happen when the lighting is perfect, when people's emotions show naturally, and most importantly, when life happens.

Everything Sean had experienced was within a 50-mile radius of where he grew up. Then, at 12'ish years old, he took a trip to Europe, his first significant travel experience and the start of wondering what other fantastic experiences were out there.

“I’ve learned that the world is full of amazing culture and picturesque landscapes and is much more than the 50-mile radius of where I grew up. Travel educates and polishes you as a member of humanity.”

- Sean Brown

His interest in travel increased through various travel TV shows and magazines, showcasing different cultures, the natural beauty of destinations, and the raw power of planet earth. With each show watched and article read, the wanderlust passion grew.

The tradition of marriage, 2.5 kids, and a house with a white picket fence was replaced with exploring the world with random trips to anywhere and meeting new people everywhere.

WHO IS Sean Brown?

Sean Brown is a very frequent flier, amassing millions of miles in the air on his journey to explore every corner of this amazing planet. You'll run into him on an airplane or at an airport on his way to the next adventure.

Sean is the curator, photographer, videographer, and webmaster at DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN. His travel blog is an uncensored, first-hand account of the journey to destinations showcasing local culture, nature, and the raw power of planet Earth.

Sean is open to networking and exploring opportunities to extend the reach of DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN. The site, travel, and photography are his passion, and he invests in them (with time, effort, and money) as if they were his profession.

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