Banyuwangi International Airport (BWX)

Banyuwangi International Airport (BWX) is a new airport located in the regency of Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It started operation in December 2019 and serves as a gateway to popular tourist destinations in East Java, such as Ijen Crater and Bali Island. The airport is capable of handling up to 1.4 million passengers per year.

Currently, there are several airlines that operate flights to Banyuwangi International Airport. Domestic airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, and Lion Air have regular flights to the airport from Jakarta, Surabaya, and other major cities in Indonesia. There are also international flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, operated by AirAsia.

Banyuwangi is known for its stunning natural beauty and cultural attractions. The Ijen Crater, located about 30 km from the airport, is a popular destination for adventurous travelers who want to witness the mesmerizing blue flames at night and the turquoise-colored acidic lake in the morning. The airport is also close to several beautiful beaches, such as Pulau Merah Beach and Bangsring Underwater, which are popular for surfing and snorkeling. In addition, the regency has a rich cultural heritage, such as the traditional Gandrung dance and Osing tribe culture, which can be experienced through various cultural events and festivals held throughout the year.

Things to do near the BWX airport