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Mt. Rainier

I visited Seattle, Washington over the weekend to explore the Pacific Northwest.  After fighting the time change and some jet lag, I managed to see some great sites and even some sun!  Interestingly, the best memory I have of this trip had nothing to do with being there.  On the flight out of SEA heading home, we took off heading South and passed right by Mt. Rainier.  What made it memorable was the stunning views and awesome commentary from the Delta pilot…

Tour of Mt. Rainier

We took off towards the south just after noon local time.  A few minutes into the flight, the pilot came over the loudspeaker with some very cool and completely unexpected commentary; He was giving us a tour around Mt. Rainier.  Naturally I started to look down, however Mt. Rainier stands 14,000+ above sea level. Much to my surprise, Mt. Rainier was eye-level and absolutely beautiful.

The video is just 37 seconds long, but the unknown Delta pilot was absolutely amazing.  Whoever the pilot was, thank you!

Photo Gallery

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