Experience the beauty and size of Mount Rainier from the comfort of your seat on a commercial airline departing from Seattle's airport.

The pacific northwest has some of Earth’s most beautiful landscapes dotted with mountain ranges and volcanoes created from the constant movement of the Pacific and North American tectonic plates.

About 60 miles south-southeast of Seattle is Mount Rainier National Park and home to Mount Rainier (also known as Tahoma or Tacoma). This massive 14,411 ft stratovolcano is a part of the Cascade mountain range and a trendy destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Much like other volcano torism destinations I have visited, Mount Rainier is also a considered active but hasn’t erupted since 1894.

Mt. Rainier Uncensored

On my trip home, we took off from Seattle and settled into our climb to cruising altitude. A few minutes after we passed 10,000 ft, the pilot announced that he was giving us a guided tour of Mount Rainier. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and filmed out the window looking down at the massive, snow-covered peak of Mount Rainier.

The video is 37 seconds long, and the narration is from an fantastic Delta Air Lines pilot.

Mt. Rainier through the viewfinder

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