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Someone keeps renaming the ATL airport on Facebook, and it’s hilarious

Whether this is your first time flying or you’re a road warrior zooming around the country – one theme remains a constant: travel can be stressful. Thankfully, someone has a sense of humor and they’re sharing their creativity via check-in locations on Facebook.

The official location is appropriately named Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and serves 100M+ travelers annually. The anonymous creators of the new locations seem to have a strange infatuation with Latoya Jackson and a comical, lighthearted take on airports and their overpriced amenities.

At the very least, checking in to one of these gems will give your Facebook friends a chuckle.

Hartsfield Latoya Jackson International Space Port and Glittering Nail Emporium

Latoya Jackson Intergalactic Spaceport and Chicken Tender Museum

Latoya Jackson International Galactic Cinnabon and Hot Wings

Latoya Jackson Intergalactic Spaceport Title Pawn & Weave Express

Have you run across any funny airport check-ins while you’ve been traveling?

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