Sunsets in Sarasota

Sunsets in Sarasota

I grew up in Florida and thus, it holds a special place in my heart.  Once you learn to accept the humidity and bugs you begin to see the beauty of this interesting state.  We brag to our northern friends about walking on the beach in shorts in February, and complain to the same people about dodging heavy thunderstorms every summer afternoon.  One sight that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face is the beauty of watching the sun set on the gulf coast of Florida.

Longboat Key

The entire west coast of Florida has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches.  I’ve been able to travel much of the USA and have yet to find another destination who can consistently come close to Florida’s gulf coast.

Pick a beach, any beach!  These beaches make for prime viewing of the planet’s most spectacular sunsets.  Bring a towel and nestle in to watch the brilliant orange, yellow, red and purple skies slowly dance their way to night time.

Along the entirely to the gulf coast, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of places to pull over and watch the planet’s daily light show.  Year around, temperatures are tolerable (yeah, Floridian’s get gold at 60 degrees) and you’re guaranteed to hit at beach in almost every direction you travel. The snow birds and tourists love to visit between November and April, so be prepared for lots of rental cars, and people on the highway in the fast lane with their left turn signal on. 🙂


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