Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a unique destination in Tokyo that tourists visit to get pretty bad ass views of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area.

The Tokyo Tower is a popular destination in Japan that is nothing more than a 332m communications tower. The Eiffel tower inspired lattice structure has become a tourist attraction because of the two observation deck and fantastic views of greater Tokyo. Inspiration for the design came from the symbolism of Japan’s post-war rebirth, and it was the tallest structure in greater Tokyo until 2012 when the Tokyo Skytree was built.

Tokyo Tower Uncensored

Tokyo is not on the top of my favorite places to visit but still has some great destinations. During my short through Japan, I passed through a few of the areas I had been to before. I had fully expected to see lingering effects of the 2011 earthquake, however, saw nothing notable.

I arrived just as they were closing and was met with the same Japanese hospitality (read: sarcasm) I found the first few times I visited.

I walked around Shiba park until the fog (and rain) rolled in. I managed to grab some fantastic pictures of the skyline from the hotel room and surrounding areas during my short stay.

Tokyo Tower through the viewfinder

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