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Charles Darwin Research Station
This place has some badass things to see... Even a stuffed tortoise

Charles Darwin Research Station

Located just outside of the Puerto Ayora’s city center is the Charles Darwin Research Station, a biological research station and home to the archipelago’s unique animals. The Charles Darwin Foundation runs this attraction and is suited for visitors of any age.

The Charles Darwin Research Station is home to iguanas, tortoises, and other animals that only exist in the Galapagos Islands, nowhere else on Earth. The logically organized exhibits have marked paths and excellent documentation of each species making exploration of the facility a breeze.

Lonesome George is a popular area of the tortoise exhibit. Lonesome George was the last remaining Pinta Island tortoise that died in 2012, wiping that species from existence. He is taxidermied and on display in a climate controlled room to serve as an icon for the critically important conservation efforts that are ongoing.

Environmental conversation and sustainability are the research station’s primary objective along with organizing a fantastic destination to explore.

The researchers of the Charles Darwin Research Station are an incredibly passionate group focused on preservation of the Galapagos for future generations.

I’ve visited much larger zoos; however, the research station holds one thing that sets it apart from everyone else: unique species of animals only found in the archipelago.

The private sanctuaries give visitors a great look at the many different types of tortoises – many of which look the same to me.

Interested in visiting Charles Darwin Research Station? Travel Blogger and author of DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN Sean Brown has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help make your trip a breeze.

What is the closest airport to the Charles Darwin Research Station?

The closes airport is Seymour Airport (IATA: GPS) on the island of Baltra. It is the only airport for Santa Cruz island is does require a USD 5 bus ride and a USD 1 water taxi ride to get to Santa Cruz island.

What is the local currency at the Charles Darwin Research Station?

Ecuador has standardized on the United States Dollar (USD) as their local currency.

Charles Darwin Research Station

Ave Charles Darwin 854, Puerto Ayora 200350, Ecuador

Latitude: -0.742239

Longitude: -90.304191

Telephone: +593 5-252-6146


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