Los Gemelos is a geologic landmark half-way across the island of Santa Cruz on your way into town. A few small signs mark this amazing attraction.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in evolution or not; Volcanic magma erupted from the Earth’s mantle to create the Galapagos island archipelago thousands of years before we were born.

Visiting Santa Cruz island yields two very distinct and different climates and ecosystems based on which side of the island you’re on. The northern (leeward) side of the island is a barren, drought-stricken landscape consisting of cacti, volcanic rocks, and only the heartiest animal species. The southern (windward) side of the island is a lush, tropical ecosystem full of forests, farms and the majority of island’s animals.

When heading into town from the airport, there’s an exciting Geologic landmark half-way across the mountainous island. A few small signs mark the attraction, and easy to miss unless you’re looking for it.

Los Gemelos, commonly called “The Twins” is a pair of pit craters located in the center of Santa Cruz island. The collapse of a magma chamber formed both of the craters sometime long ago. The holes are giant and estimated to be a few hundred feet deep with sheer cliffs surrounding the dense vegetation below.

There’s no access to get in the craters; repelling is your only option. There are walking tours around the rim of the craters which give you a good view of this impressive formation; however, the view from a drone puts things into perspective.

Los Gemelos Uncensored

The twin pit cratered of Los Gemelos wouldn’t be the most exciting attraction, and it draw any crowds. The unique destination does give you a great view on how fantastic planet Earth is.

A 10-minute hike is the only way you get to see the beauty of this area. The trails around Los Gemelos are dirt and gravel and in fair condition. The quick hike is suitable for any age.

Honestly, this is a great place to just relax and take in the beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

Through the viewfinder

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