Merlion Park

Singapore's most iconic statue of a lion's head on a fish's body has become a popular destination in the city center. Visit Merlion Park.

One of the most iconic statues has become a marketing symbol of Singapore. It’s an unmistakable landmark of a lion’s head on a fish’s body, shooting water into the bay.

Typically this area is inundated with tourists, especially on sunny days with tourists snapping selfies. Be prepared to deal with tons of tourists jockeying for prime position on the pier or the steps to snap a photo with the Merlion in the background.

Merlion Park Uncensored

I’ve been to Singapore a few times, and unless it’s night time, there will likely still be tourists snapping pictures. Come back late-night, and the area will be completely free of people. You’ll have free reign to take as many photos as you want without being photobombed every 12 seconds.

The park has prime views of the Marina Sands hotel, ArtScience Museum, and a 360-degree view of the fantastic Singapore skyline.

Merlion Park through the viewfinder

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