Gardens By The Bay

Succulents, orchids and carnivorous plants are just a few of the thousands of species of plants on display at the Gardens By The Bay in central Singapore.

Gardens By The Bay is 101 hectares of pristine flora located in central Singapore. If you’re a plant lover, this place is Heaven (or Mecca) – It’s wall-to-wall, turn-after-turn of plants – literally everywhere. I initially visited on a late-night, short stop-over in 2015 but had the chance to return recently to spend plenty of time exploring.

Gardens By The Bay showcases different areas of the world with local plant life that thrive in Singapore’s super-tropical climate. The park is free and sort-of open 24-hours a day. You can easily walk through the various areas any time of day or night, but lighting is minimal. Accessing the park is a breeze with a footbridge connecting Gardens By The Bay to the Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands – a wildly cool upscale shopping mall, casino, restaurant-mecca that has a badass nightclub — oh, did I mention, they have boat rides inside the mall too?

The Super Tree Garden is the central “showpiece” of Gardens By The Bay with massive human-made trees that each holds hundreds of plants and color-changing lights choreographed to dance to the music shortly after dark. During the day, visitors can walk the catwalk between two of the most massive supertrees to get a birds-eye view of the park for a mere 8 SGD.

Gardens By The Bay Uncensored

HOLY PLANTS! Cloud Forest is a sight to see! It is the world’s largest indoor waterfall and gigantic greenhouse, filled with an uncountable number of plants veiled in mist.

Visitors pay 37 SGD to enter the climate-controlled greenhouse to explore the thousands of different varieties of ferns, orchids, and carnivorous plants that call the glass dome home.

Gardens By The Bay through the viewfinder

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