Plaza Mayor de Lima

Once used as a market, bull fighting ring and city gallows it is now a bustling area for local and tourists to enjoy the city center.

The Plaza Mayor de Lima (Main Square of Lima) is the birthplace and core of Lima, Peru. This square was once a market, bullfighting ring, and city gallows. Today, the plaza is a bustling hub of history and lots of food.

The plaza was constructed in 1523 and has evolved into a central destination for visitors to relax. The plaza’s convenient proximity to many famous historical destinations makes it a great place to start a full day of exploring the activities.

  • The Government Palace
  • Case del Oidor
  • Archbishop’s Palace of Lima
  • Cathedral of Lima
  • Headquarters of the Caretas magazine
  • Olaya passage
  • Jiron de la Union
  • Club of the Union
  • Municipal Palace of Lima
  • Park of the flag

Plaza Mayor de Lima Uncensored

In every direction, there are stories and destinations filled with the history of the capital city and the country. Beautiful Spanish-influenced architecture surrounds the plaza and can be found throughout this great city.

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