Taronga Zoo is a fantastic destination to get up close with some cuddly Australian animals. Located next to Sydney Harbor, it's easy to access.

For almost 100 years, the Taronga Zoo has been home to thousands of animals and countless numbers of tourists. The zoo’s location is ideal for tourists and easily reachable by ferry from Circular Quay.

A quick 10-minute ride across Sydney Harbor and I arrived at the docks where you’ll board a gondola cable car and zoom across the park just above the trees to the zoo’s main entrance.

Upon entry, this first thing you’ll realize is how big the zoo is. There are maps and park employees available to answer questions, but your best bet is to start wandering. If you’re a die-hard fan and want to see every exhibit, you’ll need (at least) a full day and lots of energy – the zoo encompasses 52 acres of land.

Taronga Zoo Uncensored

This zoo has spent a significant amount of time and effort curating a fantastic destination. Some of my favorite exhibits were:

  • Lemur Forest Adventure
  • Wild Australia (of course kangaroos and koalas)
  • African Waterhole

Taronga Zoo general admission gets you into most everything at the park, including walkabouts. These areas are gated, and once inside, you’re in the animal’s habitat. You see kangaroos, emu, and a variety of other animals just wandering around a short distance from you. Use common sense – these are wild animals.

You can pay extra for “meet and greets” with select animals. Koalas are the popular ones; however, the zoo likes to rotate different animals for the meet and greets. If you’re looking to get up close with the wildlife, this is definitely worth the cost.

Taronga Zoo through the viewfinder

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