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Reykjavik Art
Next-level graffiti that is considered art

Reykjavik Art

Reykjavik boasts being the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state and a surprisingly popular destination for tourism! The capital city is an unexpected art canvas that locals incorporate vibrant colors into dreary grey weather that Iceland is famous for. The main roads, side streets, and buildings are covered with unique murals painted directly on to the structures, matching the architecture, construction, and space.

It transformed Reykjavik from a city with art into the art itself.

During the non-snowy time of year, they close off the narrow streets, turning it into an outdoor art gallery; I found myself wandering through the streets of downtown Reykjavik, visiting the local cafes and shops. The unexpected outdoor art exhibit spanned the entire city and was refreshing for such dismal weather.

In all honesty – I am not an art buff and wouldn’t recognize a well-known artist if I hit them with my tiny Icelandic rental car.

If you’re passing through Iceland and have enough time to visit Reykjavik – you should!

Interested in visiting Reykjavik Art? Travel Blogger and author of DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN Sean Brown has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help make your trip a breeze.

What is the closest airport to Reykjavik?

Keflavík International Airport (IATA KEF) is the closest major international airport in Iceland. Reykjavík Airport (IATA RKV) is a local airport near the city center.

What is the local currency in Reykjavik?

Icelandic króna (ISK) is the local currency. The art exhibit is free to visit.

Reykjavik Art

Latitude: 64.132868

Longitude: -21.814169


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