Eiffel Tower

Strategically scheduled layovers can be a quick and cheap way to explore a new city.  In this trip, I used a 14 hour layover to explore some of the typical touristy places of Paris, France.

Let’s start with the obvious, Paris in January is cold and rainy; not exactly the greatest time to visit.  It’s extremely rare that I check bags, so I was able to grab a jacket and off I went.

Eiffel Tower

Paris is rich and full of history and beauty.  I would recommend spring or summer as the optimum time to visit, however flights are usually more expensive then.

This visit was a rather overcast and chilly day.  I arrived in the city center and walked to the Eiffel Tower some 2km away.

In all honesty, the weather conditions made photos fairly ugly.  I intend to make a trip back here for an overnight to properly photograph the beauty of this iron beauty.




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