Wheel of Brisbane

The iconic ferris wheel nestled in the Brisbane city center.

This was my first trip to Brisbane, Queensland and third trip to Australia.  I arrived in July (Australian “winter”) and found the cooler weather pleasant. Depending on where you go and what time of year, I would recommend a light outer-wear and an umbrella.  Weather in Australia can change quickly, so be prepared!

Once unpacked, I grabbed my backpack and digital camera and set off to explore Brisbane, Queensland – an amazing city, filled with awesome people and beautiful sites.

Wheel of Brisbane Uncensored

I found myself exploring the streets of Brisbane on a temperate afternoon.  Through the tall buildings and beautiful scenery I saw a rather large ferris wheel that resembled the London Eye.  During the walk, I stumbled upon quite possible one of the most amazing, scenic pathways leading up to the Wheel of Brisbane.

The sidewalks were lined with hundreds of mature pink bougainvilleas attached to modern steel lattices that created a tunnel of beauty.  When you visit here, bring your digital camera – this place makes for an AMAZING backdrop!

The Wheel of Brisbane is very similar to the London Eye, a fixed ferris wheel that offers unmatched views of the city skyline.  Tickets are around $20 and it is well worth the price!  There are VIP upgrades and on-board dining experiences available, however the views are what makes it all worth it.

Wheel of Brisbane through the viewfinder

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