The Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon

I took a short trip to Iceland and didn’t have a lot of time to waste; One of the main attractions I wanted to visit was the Blue Lagoon.

It’s a short 15 minute drive from the Keflavik International Airport to the middle of no where – literally.  The landscape is resembles a volcanic waste land dotted with sparse shrubs and reeking of sulfur.  The initial impression is extremely misleading and a bit confusing – TRUST ME, it’s well worth it.

Blue Lagoon

I am [generally] not a fan of theme parks – honestly, I hate crowds… This place is simply amazing and anyone with a similar mind-set should suck it up and visit this place.

The day I visited was one of the least friendly weather days.  Overcast skies with temperatures hovering around 40F (5C). Winds were steady at 40mph (67kph) with gusts well over 65mph (104kph).  Getting there was challenging as the car I was in was being blown all over the road.

Once you check-in,  within 10 minutes you’re floating around in 100F (38C) milky blue waters naturally heated by geothermal vents.

Honestly, I’ve never experienced anything even close to this in my life.  I spent the good part of the day floating around, in and out of the saunas and sipping on frozen drinks.

During my day at the Blue Lagoon, I met some amazing people from London, China and even Chicago.  Everyone saying the same thing “Wow, this place is really amazing!”

Many airlines permit stopovers in Iceland’s Keflavik (KEF) airport en-route to popular European destinations. Even if your airline doesn’t permit a full-day stop over, the Blue Lagoon is very close to the airport – with a solid 6-8 hours you could get through customs, take a cab to the Blue Lagoon, float around for a few hours and be back at the airport in time for your connecting flight!


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