Delta Fare Class E

Delta Fare Class E or more commonly known as Basic (E) is a revenue fare/booking class of service on Delta Air Lines. The E fare class is the lowest (least expensive) fare class in the Basic Economy Cabin and tickets are the most restrictive. This fare class is not eligible for complimentary upgrades and earns no SkyMiles.

Below is a human-readable explanation of this fare class and the expectations passengers should have when flying with a E fare class.

Fare Class E Information

Important information about Fare Class E on Delta Air Lines.


Delta Air Lines (Mainline or codeshare flight)








Basic Economy


Basic Economy

How expensive is Fare Class M?

How to book Fare Class E

Information about booking Fare Class E on Delta Air Lines.

Fare Class E is marketed as a basic economy ticket, and is the lowest fare class with the most restrictions. If you’re looking for flights and see Fare Class E showing as the lowest fare class available, it means the flight/route you are booking is nearly empty with only few seats purchased.

Tickets purchased in Fare Class E will be the cheapest. You may find Main Cabin fares available for purchase at a similar price. To book a cheaper fare class, make the following changes (if you can):

  • Adjust your departure/return dates
  • Search for alternate airports or co-terminals
  • Search for alternate routing

If you are a frequent flyer with additional insight or are with Delta seeking to clarify the information provided, please contact me.

SkyMiles earnings with Fare Class E

What you’ll earn in the SkyMiles program flying with Fare Class E

SkyMiles medallion members will not earn any SkyMiles or MQD when flying on a Basic Economy (Fare Class E) ticket. Additionally, Basic Economy boards the plane last which will likely result in a gate-checking a bag that does not fit under your seat.

For SkyMiles members who want to earn SkyMiles and/or status, DO NOT book Basic Economy tickets.

For non-SkyMiles members who do not intend to build loyalty with Delta Air Lines, there’s no significant reason not to book Basic Economy.

How to get upgraded from Basic Economy

A comprehensive guide to upgrading with Fare Class E on Delta Air Lines.

Not a snowballs chance in hell.

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