Adisucipto International Airport (JOG)

Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) is an international airport located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It serves as the main gateway to Yogyakarta and the surrounding areas.

Several airlines operate flights to JOG airport, including domestic airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Citilink, as well as international airlines such as AirAsia and SilkAir. Destinations that connect to JOG airport include cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and Makassar, as well as international destinations such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Yogyakarta is known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes the famous Borobudur and Prambanan temples, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, the city has many museums, art galleries, and cultural performances, such as the traditional Javanese shadow puppet show (wayang kulit). The surrounding areas also offer outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, and volcano tours. The region is also famous for its batik textiles and handicrafts, making it a popular destination for shopping.

Things to do near the JOG airport